Allergen-Free Body Wash… that actually suds!

Initial diagnosis

Finding an few allergen-free body wash has been a real journey. My initial allergic contact dermatitis diagnosis was in January of 2006. It was a stunning discovery, actually. I’m allergic to products; what? Since I was a little girl, I have always loved products using perfumed powder at my grandmother’s house. There was something special about it. The way it felt, the way it smelled. My mom was selling skin care products in an MLM and I was hooked on taking care of my skin (this was the 80s, guys! MLM had been around forever!!). I can’t be sure how I was originally sensitized to fragrance and formaldehyde, but maybe those products had something to do with it? We’ll never know. Please, please, if you learn anything from this blog and my ailments! Use fragrance-free products on yourself and your kids!

Personal Care Product Journey

On my journey of finding personal care products that I enjoy using and that are safe and reaction-free for me, I have found only a few allergen-free body wash that fit the bill. Many made for sensitive skin like mine don’t suds up. Most sensitive skin washes are a cream or oil, and while they do a pretty good job at cleaning (oil cleans oil), there is something familiar about suds in the shower or bath!

Allergen-free body wash that suds

Vanicream Gentle Body Wash is a dream come true for. This allergen-free body wash is not only free from dyes, fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde, but it also cleans really well. It is a very thick and creamy consistency.

 A creamy, thick texture A creamy, thick texture

And did I mention the most incredible part?? SUDS!! Most allergy-free body washes I’ve tried do not have suds. Just because this is so exciting to me, here’s some pics of its sudsability. I have been able to find this allergen-free body wash at my local drugstore, but you can also grab it here on Amazon. It’s the allergen-free body wash that I use for my children too. You can read about my bath routine for them here.


Vanicream is a leader in the allergy-free product category. When I was originally diagnosed, my dermatologist gave me several Vanicream samples to get me through the first few weeks after diagnosis. They have a lot of wonderful products.


As always, be certain to read ingredients on every package of personal care products, including when you buy this few allergen-free body wash, every time you buy them. Formulations can change without a packaging change. I’ve learned this the HARD way. Always check your ingredients. Every time. A great tool I use everyday is SkinSAFE. If you know your allergens, you can send an email to SkinSAFE and they will create a personal allergy code for you. With this you can search for safe for you products. If you do not know what your allergies may be, choose the Top Free filter to find products free of top allergens.